Inconsistent locale selection in admin and user settings

In the admin section, “default locale” selection combo-box shows names of languages such as “Deutsch” and “English”. However, if the “allow user locale” is enables, the “interface language” selection combo-box shows language values instead, such as “de” and “en”.

I think it would be fixed if preferences.hbs#L125 is changed from valueAttribute="value" to valueAttribute="name".

It looks like the issue is more deep rooted and requires further changes.

{{combo-box valueAttribute="value" content=availableLocales value=model.locale none="user.locale.default"}}

This populates data from the availableLocales which is defined like this:

availableLocales() {
  return this.siteSettings.available_locales.split('|').map(s => ({ name: s, value: s }));

Which is a pipe separated string of language values.

pry(main)> SiteSetting.available_locales
=> "ar|bs_BA|cs|da|de|en|es|et|fa_IR|fi|fr|gl|he|id|it|ja|ko|nb_NO|nl|pl_PL|pt|pt_BR|ro|ru|sk|sq|sv|te|tr_TR|uk|vi|zh_CN|zh_TW"

Because it is generated like this:

def self.available_locales{ |e| e[:value] }.join('|')

On the the names and values both were available, but only values were pushed in the client_settings.

pry(main)> LocaleSiteSetting.values
=> [{:name=>"اللغة العربية", :value=>"ar"},
 {:name=>"bosanski jezik", :value=>"bs_BA"},
 {:name=>"čeština", :value=>"cs"},
 {:name=>"dansk", :value=>"da"},
 {:name=>"Deutsch", :value=>"de"},
 {:name=>"English", :value=>"en"},
 {:name=>"Español", :value=>"es"},
 {:name=>"eesti", :value=>"et"},
 {:name=>"فارسی", :value=>"fa_IR"},
 {:name=>"suomi", :value=>"fi"},
 {:name=>"Français", :value=>"fr"},
 {:name=>"galego", :value=>"gl"},
 {:name=>"עברית", :value=>"he"},
 {:name=>"Indonesian", :value=>"id"},
 {:name=>"Italiano", :value=>"it"},
 {:name=>"日本語", :value=>"ja"},
 {:name=>"한국어", :value=>"ko"},
 {:name=>"Norsk bokmål", :value=>"nb_NO"},
 {:name=>"Nederlands", :value=>"nl"},
 {:name=>"język polski", :value=>"pl_PL"},
 {:name=>"Português", :value=>"pt"},
 {:name=>"Português (BR)", :value=>"pt_BR"},
 {:name=>"limba română", :value=>"ro"},
 {:name=>"Русский", :value=>"ru"},
 {:name=>"slovenčina", :value=>"sk"},
 {:name=>"Shqip", :value=>"sq"},
 {:name=>"svenska", :value=>"sv"},
 {:name=>"తెలుగు", :value=>"te"},
 {:name=>"Türkçe", :value=>"tr_TR"},
 {:name=>"українська мова", :value=>"uk"},
 {:name=>"Việt Nam", :value=>"vi"},
 {:name=>"中文", :value=>"zh_CN"},
 {:name=>"中文 (TW)", :value=>"zh_TW"}]
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I was able to dig down the PR by @joallard responsible for adding this feature.

Hi! Yep, sounds like an easy fix. We’d just have to send the full objects from upstream, and then display the labels properly.


Hi and thank you for this feature! Has this issue been fixed or is there any progress?

Seems a related topic here (apparently still awayting PR):