Inconsistent Profile Picture Hover Text

I’m setting up a Discourse site for a club (v2.1.0.beta3 +136). I’ve set it up to show full names first. In posts, the hover text/tooltip for profile pictures is the full name, but on the “Latest” view page, the hover text for profile pictures is the username. Since we are emphasizing real names and de-emphasizing usernames, I think it makes sense to have the full name always appear as the hover text when the cursor is held over an avatar.

It’s not a big deal, but I thought y’all might want to know about it anyway :slight_smile:


Sure that makes sense, can you look into that @techAPJ


In the same vein, when someone is showing full names first, does it also make sense to you guys to show full names in the dropdown menu that appears when you click your profile picture at the top right? That’s not a big deal to me, but if it were an option, I’d probably enable it on my site.

This is not a trivial change since the change in this code affects many other places. Here is the PR to show full name on topic list page:

@tgxworld can you review the changes please?


It is probably OK for this logic to be identical everywhere, why do you think it should not be? The site setting is a global toggle etc


I meant that the changes I made in BasicUserSerializer to support user name will affect more places (where user details are being fetched) other than just showing avatar.

I agree that if names are enabled then avatar title should be full name everywhere instead. Once the above PR is merged I’ll make sure this happens.