Incorrect IpV4?

Hey! I’m trying to setup my forum in WSL2, and when I put in my forum’s url it says this:

I don’t know why this is happening, I got my IP in the terminal, set it in my DNS here:

Disable the Cloudflare proxy may make it work when install.

I unproxied the whole thing but still the same errors.

My bad. Now i notice that your using the WSL2 to install Discourse, before that please make sure your WSL2 exported service can access from internet.

For example, run python3 -m http.server 8080 or other services, can you access it from your internet address?

Additionaly, WSL2 seems not well on Privileged Ports with Windows host.

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I just put that exactly into terminal, and its saying ‘Serving HTTP on port 8080 ( …’
and it has been for 5 minutes now.

Open your browser enter http://your-internet-ip:8080, could you access any content?

It may the firewall block yout connection, i can’t help.

Do you know how I can disable the firewall?

Wait, the ip 169.254.*.* is an Automatic Private IP address right? You pick an wrong address.

What IP adress am I looking for? There was one next to it, and loads below.

What are you trying to do anyway? hosting discourse on your own system or Just want to set up a testing instance?

I’m trying to self host using cloudflare and sendgrid

That’s a nada if you’re trying to host your discourse in WSL it won’t work. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Your PC can’t be running 24x7
  2. You probably won’t have a public static IP address
  3. Firewall issues with your ISP that would block various ports
  4. Internet goes down = Site goes down.

I suggest get a cheap VPS from DigitalOcean or Hetzner and set it up there.

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Should I use something like Putty?

You need a server before anything else. Do you have a server?

No. Do you mean like a digital oceon type?

Yes, I mean DigitalOcean type Server. You just can not host a public facing application on your Home PC without a boatload of problems.

Okay. Is there any reliable server applications/ hosts?

DigitalOcean is very reliable. If You’re cost conscious, You can consider Hetzner.

Would heroku work? The free edition that I’m planning on using has 512 mega bytes of ram.