WSL WARNING: Port 443 of computer does not appear to be accessible using hostname

While installing Discourse on WSL2 Ubuntu 18.04, I stopped other web services on Windows. However, the installation displayed an error message.

I am certain that I have set the correct D

NS record for this device’s IP address.
But I am unsure about how to proceed with the installation. What can I do next?

Hi welcome :wave:

If it’s not a DNS problem, the next step is to check the firewall. Did you check if the connection was not blocked?


I have allowed Port 80 and 443 on both Windows and Azure Portal (because my vm is running on Azure), but it didn’t work, either.

A quick scan tells me the 80 and 443 ports are not open (currently it seems to have two ports open). I don’t know how Azure works, so I can’t help, but I would check again if you don’t miss something on the Azure portal. :thinking:


Thank you for your patience. After a lot of troubleshooting on my system, probably a problem with the Wsl network being a NAT, I tried to change it to a mirrored network but encountered the “Wsl/Service/CreateInstance/CreateVm/ConfigureNetworking/0x803b0015” error. I have asked the question on WSL’s GitHub Issues. Thank you very much and I’ll continue to ask questions here if I have any other questions.:laughing: