India Missing in Region (calendar-plugin)

I hate to repost this, but the original topic is closed and OPs question was never answered.

The discourse-calendar plugin adds a “Region” to user preferences. India is missing from this list.

Is there anyway to add this?

It looks like the list of regions is coming from SiteSettings.available_locales but I wasn’t able to find a setting for this in the admin dashboard.


I see Asia/Kolkata in the list, which would be IST, right? It looks like that naming convention is based on tz database - Wikipedia (from Time in India - Wikipedia). So is this a matter of expecting Asia/India to appear in the list instead?


Thanks Kris,

I do see Asia/Kolkata in the Time zone drop down

But that’s not the field that I’m referencing. Rather, I’m talking about the “Region” dropdown that shows up when you have the Discourse Calendar plugin enabled.


Ooh I see now, my mistake — I believe India isn’t in the list because we’re taking holidays from a third party ruby gem:

and it doesn’t appear they have any Indian holidays listed yet. China is also not in the list for the same reason. Unfortunately this isn’t clear to anyone trying to change the dropdown. We are aware of the limitations of the current holiday list, and have been looking at ways to improve it.


Got it! Helpful to know that the Region is only for the holidays feature, I’ll pass this along.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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