Indication for Moved posts?


Is there a way to enable some kind of indicator to show up on posts that were moved from another posts?

I found a pervious question about this and was wondering if the status changed since '19.


Hello Anat,

Here I’m going to assume that you mean topic?

When a post is moved to another topic the users’ posts that were moved will receive a notification like the one below. A link will be shown in the topic where the replies have been moved to to show where they came from.

At the moment, there is no indication on each individual post that has been moved

You could have asked in that topic, or someone could move your question there ;). But there would still be no indicator in the topic where the posts were moved to.

When I split to a new topic, I usually add the text to the first post, which is automatically added when you reply as a new topic.

Continuing the discussion from topic title:

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This was also recently mentioned here

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Thanks. The moved comments (posts) that originally followed the topic seem really out of place.
If would have been great to have a small arrow or some kind of indication on each one of the moved comments to indicate that they were moved.