"moved"-posts deleted by non-moderators glitch

If a non-moderator moves posts to a different topic and then removes the “x posts have been moved to …”-post then even moderators won’t be able to tell where the posts have been moved. All they can see is:

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 1 hour unless flagged)

Maybe it would be good to enable the display of an edit history for such posts?


Do you mean a TL4 user?

This seems more like a behavioral thing, if the TL4 user is deleting the move notices maybe… don’t do that?


It’s not behavioural. The goal is to keep 1-post-topics (e.g. wiki topics) to still bump when the first post is edited. Usually the topic wouldn’t bump, when the first post is not the last post (e.g. when there is a “moved”-post at the bottom).