Insert Copyright symbol

if type (TM), it is rendered as ™
how to insert the © ?
is there a list of these symbol shortcuts ? thanks

You can find what symbols are rendered here:

The copyright and section sign symbols have been explicitly disabled; see here:


As an alternative: On your keyboard, Compose+o+c gives you ©.

If you have a Compose key. It’s a shame it didn’t make it to mainstream keyboards, really.

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This theme-component might be of interest

More shame can be founded when there isn’t physical keyboard at all.

That’s why missing (c) did hurt. Well, we have this :copyright: but is not same, not even close.

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Not sure about iOS, but there’s ©,®, and ™ symbols on the 3rd page in Gboard on Android.

If I overdrive that earlier disabling (c) doing something like this:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
  document.body.addEventListener('input', function(e) {
    if ( === 'TEXTAREA' || === 'INPUT') { =\(c\)/gi, '©');

Will I start harmageddon, or at least break my forum?

I want underline that I don’t know what I’m doing and why that was disabled back then.

Good for you :joy:

Apple isn’t known to make things easier, but willing to sell way overpriced keyboard. Mobiles designed to creation and work are actually designed for passive consumption. I can’t even get sign of micro (SI uses it, one of greek alphabets) from virtual keyboard of iPad without 3rd party app.

And yes, I know very well that beeing an iPad user I’m part of very very very small minority.

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Might I ask, if you want to add it back, why not use:

Seems safer to me :upside_down_face:

As for



You may ask :rofl: But I don’t have good answers.

I didn’t remember that option first. Mainly because it is not very easygoing solution for finns, because structure of language is different and we don’t use prepositions, for example. Regex could be answer but with my skills it is synonym for hell.

Secondly, I struggled with it earlier when I tried to get micro sign, and for some reason it didn’t work too well.

And the third, the strongest point is GPT told that to me :rofl:


Basically it was removed because how legal documents are using lists in the States. Nice.

Well, I don’t have that kind of issue, ever.

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Does Apple give you an option to save premade messages that are inserts le like a canned reply?

I used this long ago in Android to copy an emoji not available on my emoji set.

this symbol is copyright ©️

iphone emoji works, in light mode at least



Sure. If one would use emoji-type sign it can be done that way. But it is ugly and, excuse me, looks very… amateurish, even childish (sure, it is used that way quite often, that is true too).

But for me that question is more academic now because

  • we don’t use US-style paragraps like (a) ever-never, we know numbers :rofl: like 1.1. Or even 1.1.1
  • no one said my AI-generated script will break things

Maybe the description of enable markdown typographer should be changed then. (c) is still mentioned there.


Good catch :+1:


btw, the html &copy; © seems to work just fine.

I think for most symbols the html number or entity syntax works…

for example for © you can also do both &copy; and &#169;

you can do things like:
π &pi; :soccer: &#9917; :yin_yang: &#9775;&#9836;&#9835;
:x: &#10060; :golf: &#9971;


That makes life much easier. But I’m totally sure (meaning I’m quite sure, or at least resonable sure, or almost, it didn’t work earlier at some point but was cleaned away and that’s why I did not use it).


And now I remeber why I didn’t want to us it. I can use those µ as a micro sign, but my users can’t. And if I put (c) as watched word that should replace by &copy; I don’t get © but… &copy; and that comes how watched words works, I was told.

But sure. That is one solution.

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Yes, nice catch. :slight_smile: I just merged a PR to remove the (c) from the setting description.


Thanks @Lilly

How to make the copyright symbol elevated to the upper corner, as ™ , if possible…

like this - copyright ©

copyright <sup>&copy;</sup>