Insert Copyright symbol

That snippet my answer is referring broke things indeed.

For example setting temperature of Discourse AI personas:

So, AI helped me poorly :man_facepalming:

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Would watched words > replace not work for this?

No. I tried. We can use © or µ directly on posts, but not using watched word.

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Strange, it seems to work saw for me:


(c) &copy; <casually uses older test topics instead of making a new one>
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Really :thinking: Good to know, I have to dig deeper then what is the issue in my end.

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Maybe worth using the unicode character instead of the &copy; HTML entity. (I suspect that’s what @Firepup650 did, based on the watched-word config screenshot?)

I’m sure there’s a proper way to insert… but I tend to just copy-paste it from somewhere else (e.g. google ‘unicode copyright’) :wink:

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I see. And all of that hazzle because one american lawyer needed to use (c) as a list separator?

Well. All that hazzle comes actually from fact that IT side is really far fay away from other galaxy, where was no working standards :rofl:

But I’m bit curious, even the topic got its answer. I really would like to understand this.

Why the core of Discourse can’t use HTML entities via watched words, but a component like Topic List Previews can show those?

Probably, I just pasted the one off of gboard.

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This starts to be quite funny, actually.

First I wrote one liner using HTML entities &copy; as © and &micro;g (because of limitation made by Apple) for µg.

Then I copypasted those two and made two watched words:

  • (c) → ©
  • myyg → µg

Problem solved[1]. Now I got copyright sign without a plugin and micro-sign without overpriced keyboard.


  1. but guys, seriously; now is year 2024 :joy: ↩︎


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