Insert Date Timezone is always UTC ; my Timezone is ignored

No, it is still UTC.

What’s your browser? It’s not related to your server, but is YOUR computer clock correctly configured?

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I tested Firefox and Chrome/Chromium on Windows, Linux and Android. On each browser it is the same behavior. Oh and my clock is always Europe/Berlin.

Can you try this in the console of a browser currently browsing a discourse forum:

says: "Europe/Berlin"

at my forum as well as at

Ok will investigate in the next days, thanks for info.


I am having the exact same issue! Without quotes it works like a charm. But the Discourse Editor always creates “Europe/Berlin” instead of Europe/Berlin - and in preview it shows wrong time then. Can this be fixed?


I still have no repro whatever I try on chrome or firefox. Need to dig more.


I had this issue on Safari, didn’t try chrome/firefox yet.

Any Updates on this Issue?

I have the same behaviour as mentioned above. As soon as I leave out the “” it all works fine. But when I use them the system seems to take the UTC +/- the hours of the timezone my client runs in.

Btw. the same occurs here when I write nonsense in the timezone like:
[date=2019-08-20 time=20:00:00 timezone="nonsense"]
[date=2019-08-20 time=20:00:00 timezone=nonsense]

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I also state the exact same problem. It more or less seems to be an issue with “German” installations.

Well, fun fact, I tried to reset settings by running there I changed the locale to English US and walked through the complete wizard. With English setting I can paste times and they are shown correctly. Well is say for example Tomorrow 11:15 PM (Europe/Berlin) but I really putted 23:15 in German time. So it is displayed correctly.

When I wizard my forum back to “Deutsch” and pasting a new appointment with time … then the + 1 hour effect comes back again. (The times pasted in English setup are still displayed right).

So this does not seem to be a server time thing. Something seems to crash between localization of Europe and UTC.

Happy to test or give more advice if needed.

Running discourse in docker.

THX for further assistance!


Little addition, I realized a ¿small? difference, between my installation and this official one.

We deactivated the “allow user locale” option. So users are not able to change language by themselves. I don not know if this is helpful.

What is about the others that experienced the same problems, namely @Daniel_Tesla @lorddevil, @zogstrip @hewo7 can your users change their interface locale settings. Or in german under Settings › General Settings: allow user locale: “Erlaube Benutzern, ihre eigene Oberflächensprache zu wählen”

  • allow user locale acitive
  • allow user locale inactive

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It’s weird that the current locale would affect the timezone :thinking:

@joffreyjaffeux did you fix this by any chances with your recent fixes?

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I would be happy to give further assistance for tests and debugging if necessary. If some from the team wants to get a closer look into the topic.

No I will give it a look tomorrow


This should be fixed by:

:tada: Thanks for info

More context, it seems like that when Discourse instance is set to german locale, we will replace quotes " by german quotes „“ which was breaking our parser.

@gerhard I made a fix directly into local-dates for now, do you think we should try to fix it higher in the chain?

  • parseBBCodeTag itself before sending the matched string?
  • in pretty text?

Wow that was fast! THX a lot!

May I ask a noob question? As we running our installation in docker, ist this fix merged in master and will be loaded if we just run a update likewise described in How do I manually update Discourse and Docker image to latest?

Thanks for a short answer! And once again thank you so much!

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Yes this post has all the info you need. Only thing we need to wait for this commit to be in test-passed branch.

I just checked, it seems to be the case:

Also you might have to recook posts.


Yes, I think we should. This might have an impact on other BBCodes as well. I’m not sure if it’s a bug in markdown-it or somewhere in our code, but it definitely shouldn’t apply smartquotes to BBCode attributes.


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