Instagram and Facebook oEmbed API to stop working, what about Onebox?

On the 24th of October the unauthenticated oEmbed API from Facebook and Instagram will stop working. They will require authentication to fetch oEmbed objects.

Are there any consequences for Onebox? I couldn’t find any changes in the GitHub repo regarding this yet.


A good point needs to be addressed. You have to provide API keys like for rendering Twitter embeds going forward.

The Facebook oEmbed endpoints require either an App Access Token (recommended) or Client Access Token.

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The new policies are now in effect. Instagram seems to be broken here and on self-hosted sites (updated to v2.6.0.beta4)

Facebook links work however

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Yes @jamie.wilson is working on this.


If you’re running an up-to-date Discourse instance you should now be able to add a token that will allow oneboxes to be generated using the new API.

I’ve not yet written up step-by-step instructions on how to generate the token, but if you are comfortable in Facebook’s developer site you can go through the ‘Requirements’ listed here:

to generate a token. That token can then be entered as the value for the facebook_app_access_token SiteSetting.

  1. Add Product oEmbed to your app
  2. Under Settings - Advanced, find the Client Token
  3. And finally combine in a your App ID numbers and the token and ad a pipe | character in between: 12324323|asdasdasdasd ← That is what you need put to the Discourse setting.

Hi Jamie,

I’d love that step-by-step guide :slight_smile:

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