Install Discouse on an Ubuntu VPS

(Mark) #1


To be honest I have no idea how to install Discourse on an Ubuntu server.
I would really appreciate some help from anyone. All I want to do is get an instance of Discourse running.

(Kane York) #2

You need a kernel that supports Docker and AUFS. Do you already have a VPS provider? What/who is it?

(Mark) #3

I use Vultr as my VPS provider.

(Michele) #4

I installed my instance on a Ubuntu VPS just yesterday. I followed a guide written somewhere around here, it was pretty good and went well, even though there were a few minor hiccups, but probably errors on my part.

(steven_yue) #5

Just follow This guide. It uses ubuntu

(Kane York) #6

Try to follow the docker install, which @steven_yue linked, and stop if the launcher script complains about “device mapper” (it’s horrible and slow).