Noob install problem: WARNING: Port 443 of computer

A Noob here trying to install Discourse on a Digital Ocean droplet and getting the Port 443 warning.

Hostname for your Discourse? []:

Checking your domain name . . .
WARNING: Port 443 of computer does not appear to be accessible using hostname:
WARNING: Connection to (port 80) also fails.

The ports seem active.


The host is Godaddy and they installed a basic webpage.

Any suggestions???

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This isn’t a Discourse issue.

GoDaddy won’t have installed anything on a Digital Ocean server.

At a guess you’re seeing a GoDaddy holding page due to the DNS record either being wrong, not existing, or it’s still cached :thinking:

If you visit your domain name from a different device on a different network (eg. Smartphone on cell/mobile network instead of WiFi network) do you still see the GoDaddy page?


Yes, if I go to the domain name from a cell phone network, I do see the GoDaddy page.

Perhaps I just need to wait for 24 hours?


Did you add a A entry in the dns for with the IP of your droplet?

If you did, you probably need to wait a bit more.


As described, you need to point the domain to the droplet not the godaddy holding page.


That was it! Thanks fellows. That got me through the installation of Discourse!

It’s taking a few minutes for the change to propagate through GoDaddy.

Yes, It’s up and running at


I have the same problem with Digital Ocean droplet “WARNING: Port 443”. It is [] and it is pointed to the IP of the droplet There is no CDN with the hosting hostarmada between the DNS and the droplet. But it cannot be installed becasue of the port 443. I was traying also other domain registered with other provider, but there is the same error.

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@litvakfeliks is yours also a DNS issue?

From your digital ocean ssh/console, if you ping which IP address replies?


the IP after ping is


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But it’s not. You should use some dns checker to test the domain and that is resolving.

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