Installation working when accessed via local network however not externally

I have installed Discourse on an Ubuntu server. I have a domain name with “google domains” that uses dynamic DNS to point to my server. I can hit my server remotely using the domain name from outside my network and can access other apps on the server. However, I cannot access discourse outside my network using the domain name (I have port forwarded all the appropriate ports).

When connected to my home network my discourse installation works as it should when using the domain name despite going through the dynamic DNS.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

So you have multiple sites running on this server on your home network behind a reverse proxy of some sort? And the others work?

That’s way beyond the help you can get here as there are dozens of places things could go wrong.

Dns is the most likely one. Does the discourse domain resolve to the same IP as the others? Could the dns be cached on the remote clients?

Thanks for your response. Ive actually just got everything working. Ended up being an additional layer of firewall in my router.

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