Installing other sites on subdomains

I’m a complete noob when it comes to working with servers and just this week I started learning how to work with them.
I spent a long time choosing cms for my first website and I really like Discourse.
But I have 2 more sites on regular hosting that I want to transfer to subdomains of the site where Disc is located.
For example, I created a test subdomain, but if you go to it, the main domain opens.
I can transfer sites, but I don’t know how to properly configure the server so that, together with Disc, 2 sites in php and mysql can work smoothly on it.
I would be very grateful if you tell me step by step how to do all this :heart:

It’s a pretty advanced thing to do. I don’t recommend it.

You can have a look at Set up Discourse on a server with existing Apache sites. That is the step by step guide that your seek, but I’m afraid the steps will be hard to make sense of if you’ve just started out with this stuff.

If you can successfully move your servers from regular hosting to your own server, then you can consider trying to add discourse to the mix.

Also, I wouldn’t try without at least 4gb of ram.

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