Integrate discourse messages/chat on word/buddypress

What would you like done?
Is there possible to make the discourse message system work as a message system on wordpress/buddypress so when the sites are toghter there is only one message system.
At the time now we have 3 Messages in buddypress, Livechat from flyzoo and messages on Discourse
can this be integrated as one system

When do you need it done?
As i have no idea on the implications of the system needed i will not put a time

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Budget would need to be discussed from what would be needed to made.

Hi there. This is a little confusing.

You can definitely integrate Discourse to handle commenting for Wordpress, but Buddypress is another forum platform so I don’t understand why you’d want to use that in conjunction with Discourse.

Can you elaborate a bit?


Hi @HAWK, sorry for being confusing

The site was built on Buddypress/Wordpress but expainding now up to 25000 users it is very slow.

So i put my eyes on to the Discourse as a very good platform, but since there is no good profile page on discourse i was thinking doing a mix and want 1 message system so use the Discourse message system in on Wordpress buddypress discourse, if tha tis possible

What do you mean by that?
Using two forums for one use is a bad idea. If the user profil page is the only thing bothering you, it can be customized, depending on what you need of course.

And in my opinion, Discourse outweight Buddypress in a lots of ways, but again, it depends on your needs.


So if someone could help me with making this work i would move to discourse in an instant.

So at the moment the site has users profile like on a dating/comunitysite with 2-3 images on

then there is uploading of videos and images on there profile that other can see and a main gallery for the site

and then there is a buy and streaming of videos includinded in a 3 tired meberships

and then buddypress messages and flyzoo live chat

and we are using discourse as the forum on the site and for personals.

Of course there are some posts as well with news articles.

All this can not be moved to discourse i think so i am trying to get this to work with each other, and i would apriciate all the suggesten and help i can get.

As wordpress struggles to do what i have now.



If You could DM me the link to your buddypress site, I may be able to share a feasibility report and quote for the migration.

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