[Paid] Wordpress/Discourse integration inc. theming, PMPro and Buddypress integration

Looking to integrate Discourse with an existing Wordpress site for a client. We’re looking for quotes for the following work:

  • Theme creation - simple enough, need a brand header to match the existing site. The site uses separate logged in / logged out headers which will need to be emulated as closely as possible.
  • Paid Memberships Pro integration - enabling/disabling users based on membership status.
  • BuddyPress integration - Copying extended profile data over to Discourse, if possible directing profile / messaging tasks back to the main site. Trying to cut down on overlapping functions, as there are quite a few but the client would like to maintain BuddyPress as much as possible due to existing users and content.
  • Content migration from BBPress.

Task has a flexible timeframe, but would ideally like to have it completed by the middle to end of June.

Looking for quotes for the above - please break quotes down per task as much as possible!

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I’d be happy to take this on, feel free to contact me on bhanu@orng.co for a detailed quotation but given the work that needs to be done, It’d fall in a $1k+ range. We can negotiate over email.


I’ll be happy to help out with the migration portion at least. Please see Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC and send me an email.


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