Integration with markdeep

This is a request/suggestion for a plugin. Unless Discourse team decides to make it part of the composer experience.

So, it’s common for software developers to use ASCII for graphs. Therefore there is this thing:

For developer communities that might make a lot of sense.


I don’t know anything about devs, but from my point of view that 70’s style is the most difficult way to make anykind graphs. Should devs use something… more developed? But one really stupid question - isn’t that possible just using code block?

If I may, I would expand this a little. Is out there any other way to do graphs than ASCII or graphviz?

Alright, so if you don’t know anything about devs, that view is not representative.

I don’t know anything about something like dev community. But I know, personally and professionally way, a lot of coders. And any of those guys don’t need that. And baceuse they are coders they can code a tool they need.

What I mean this should be quite piece of cake for coders and is defenetly worth of plugin or component if such — again, from my point of view — ancient-style tool is needed.

But as webmaster/sysmaster putting something like this in core is just unnecessary bloating.

Well, this is just opinion from a user and I have nothing to do with dev of Discourse.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to convey here and how it helps my suggestion. If you aren’t interested in the feature proposed, just ignore this topic?

If I put effort into creating this topic, it means it matters to me and I know of cases where developer communities would benefit from it. So, no need to argue - this case is not intended to be useful for everyone. If you don’t like it, no need to pay attention to the topic, that simple.

And this question probably deserves a separate topic in #support


That would be great for diagramming visual programming languages like Pure Data and MAX MSP. Currently, the goto approach with Pure Data is to diagram patches with text.