Plantuml support

Hi all!

Is there a plugin, which can handle plantuml diagrams inside posts?

So if I type the below code, I’d like to have a nice plantuml graph there (editable, because I’d like to posts as a wiki).

Bob -> Alice : hello
Alice -> Bob : go away

I think some people experimented with that … what we have already is support for graphviz (which is way more powerful) and mermaid.


Thansk for the tips!

Yes, since PlantUML “compiles” to graphviz, one can say graphviz is better than PlantUML. But I’m sure you don’t prefer coding in asm over ruby, but asm is definitely more powerful :troll:.

Since you can fire up your own plantuml server and the plugin should just fire up a query and will get the result image I am suprised noone has integrated it yet.

I’d choose Mermaid, but PlantUML has way more type of diagrams, which would be usable for us.

Maybe I’ll start embedding images like

which is editable on


If you have a budget you can post in #marketplace.