Is there an online mindmap that can be integrated in discourse?

I like the idea in making mind maps.

But I want it to be integrated in discourse because my group is using a discourse as a sharing platform.

so, is there one?


Fine, I compared a lot of such platforms.

The best I think is Processon.

But it does not support discourse.

I like mind maps too. It is such a great tool for brainstorming and communicates ideas.
Adding support for mindmap support will surely let discourse stand out from other forum platforms.

Have you looked at the graphviz plugin?

You can type this

[graphviz engine=circo]
graph {
    a [label="Discourse Plugins"]
    a -- "discourse-adplugin"
    a -- "discourse-affiliate"
    a -- "discourse-cakeday"
    a -- "discourse-canned-replies"
    a -- "discourse-calendar"

To make a graph like this: