Integration with Spree Commerce

I am interested in integrating Discourse with Spree commerce in a way which creates a single user profile, so that a users customer page and profile page are one in the same. That is, when a user clicks on his profile from discourse, not only do they see their inbox, latests posts, and other functions of Discourse itself, but they would also see Spree’s e-commerce attributes as well, such as their recent orders, payment methods, view past orders, etc. Is it possible to create a seamless user experience for a site built on Spree for ecommerce and Discourse to be the engine of the blogs and forums? I think that it could be a powerful solution to fostering communities around niche and specialized items, where discussion of products can get extremely interesting.

Granted anything can be done given the right amount of time and resources. Maybe I should rephrase the question, how difficult would it be to create this type of integration. What kind of programming hours would you see being involved. I am willing to fund the development of this functionality, but I need an idea of how difficult it would be, and how long it would it take for this kind of functionality to be developed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone is interested in taking this project on, I’m happy to discuss proposals.

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I am also interested in any Spree + Discourse integrations.

I have been thinking along the same lines of how integration a social platform to existing e-commerce platforms.

You can approach this in different ways, a very tight integration like you are suggesting where their profile page includes their ecomm details, but in reality what benefit does that really bring to the user? Couldn’t a simple link to the ecommerce backend work?

The user account and discourse account should be sych’d I agree, but I would like to understand why you want the order/payment methods on the profile page in discourse?

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