Playing around with Discourse, WordPress and Discus, I was wondering one nice feature Discourse could have is the notion of an “Inter-Discourse” (please find a better name, it sounds too close to intercourse)

The concept is to allow multiple discourse sites to sort of link to one another so they have a unified network much like Stack Exchange.

The concept would be a simple key exchange much like Nintendo Friend Codes between site owners.

What could be shared are likes, links, profile information, badges between the discourse sites.


One other thing I would like to see when this network of discourse sites gets established is the ability to log on to @codinghorror and then see that I have new likes and notifications on or

This is what SSO and social logins are for and already works.

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But that’s for sign-on only, what I was thinking of is more sharing of other profile information. Say something like this on StackExchange

You can see that it aggregates a bunch of data from other stack exchange sites then the equivalent would be something like Disqus Profile - atrajano only less bug-ridden hopefully.


This was abandoned with extreme prejudice early on. Search for “Discourse Hub”.


I would think more of it as a web-of-trust approach rather than something more all encompassing. I realize you have the paid discourse hosting.

I don’t think I’d want a single defined user registry unless I would trust said registry. Like you had it in Revitalizing the Discourse Hub why can’t I be @trajano in my own site.

But if I trusted the other site like stack exchange trusts itself, it could make a good community between two discourse sites. But for the “hub” you can have a prefixed version.

@hub:trajano for instance which will look for the hub version of myself. The prefixes are defined by the site rather than discourse except for hub which would be reserved.

The trust must have the capability of one-way. I.e. hub does not pull from my site, but my site can pull from hub some information (not sure what exactly yet but for sure not e-mails). They cannot query by name either, they can query by hash like gravatar, and it is up to the user on Hub to say “Yah that person on hub is me so please share my info between this site and hub”

Note you don’t actually have to implement hub. Much like git anyone can be a hub, but only can be named “hub”

If the trust is two-way then the two sites must agree that their users are the same and there’s no need for user to confirm that they are the same.

Two established sites would likely never trust one another. It’s more of a site branching off to have another instance but want to keep the same community. Like stack overflow.

NOTE seriously though, DO NOT build it with the notion that there’s going to be one central hub. There should be no talk of “Where can I get the API key for global nicknames from” Discourse central hub questions

It’s best to design it decentralized first. Then have the branding of hub for yourself later on.