'|' interfering with the table

I don’t know how to explain this better, but ran into this issue twice.

If I want to put the images in table format, this :point_right:t2: ‘|’ in images always interferes.

A example

How I want? Side by side in a table


The error:

Green apple Orange apple
![apple_logo_PNG19696 415x500, 30%](upload://eUZ338Jxp31BWgOv35QBkNM5JTR.png) ![apple-xxl-2756662558

What happends is you use \|? Pipe is part of table structure and for sure it doesn’t work as part of content inside cells and that’s why I’m quite sure it must be escaped.


I would assume that’d break the images, here’s a test:

TV Test TV Test

EDIT: It doesn’t break, but I don’t think it respects the image size specified after the pipe if you do that. (Not sure though)

EDIT 2: Nope apparently it’s completely fine.


Then we are considering option 2: html tables.

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Can you please elaborate how has that worked? As I can’t see the code for the table.

Sure, here’s the raw:

![TV Test\|259x194](upload://j7HEICqfWHEYOraEy86w18XgYpt.png)|![TV Test\|259x194, 50%](upload://j7HEICqfWHEYOraEy86w18XgYpt.png)|

Thank you for sharing that I’ll give it a try.

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