Display images side-by-side in a table

We need images to display side-by-side, and they need to be in a table to constrain proportions. Tables in Discourse don’t appear to allow us to dictate the size of images. When just dropped in a page, we can set zoom to 25, 50, 75, 100%. The image remains clickable to enlarge for accessibility.

We’re able to get full-sized images to show side-by-side, but only with a scroll bar. I cannot use the zoom function in a table. Both sizing and table cell markers use | (pipe). Since this is in-product for us, we need the images to display without adding the scroll bar.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?


You need to escape the pipe used in the sizing with a single \ as said in Pictures don't upload well into tables because of the straight bar symbol - #2 by Falco


Thanks, @Falco! We’re going to test this out on our end and circle back if we have any questions.


Update: We tested and it works. Thanks for your help, @Falco!