Intermitent Rendering Error

Hi All,
I’m having an issue that I can’t pin point and its driving me crazy. Some of my users including me are getting an intermitent invalid load state on the site.

Console shows this error when it happens.
Site loads jumbled or not at all, you ahve to refresh and refresh, I can’t click on the Settings hamburger etc… any ideas?
In /logs
I’m seeing “infinite rendering” validation errors

This is what the site looks like when the error occurs



In lieu of someone jumping in with something much more targeted, I’d say your interim process should be to disable all non-essential plugins (especially those not storing data, e.g. who’s online) and build back up to the full set to determine if/which one is causing you trouble …


We found it! It was a patreon asset that is deployed via CDN i’m guessing they are having issues. Disabled the patreon stuff and we are back to the races.! Thanks!!


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