Introducing Discourse Chat (PRE-ALPHA)

Currently there is an option to have many channels associated with one category.

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If we install the open source plugin, will there be a seamless transfer when it will be integrated in core/public?

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The plugin is an officially supported plugin. Should it be migrated to core (no current plans), there will be a proper migration path, yes.


It would be great if channels could be created as private/public and they had public URLs for indexing by search engines. This would bring additional traffic to the community

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After upgrading and 10 sec test drive: I can now close unneeded channels, even and especially private ones.

As our british friends so often say: splendeed indeed.


Found something that seems to be a UX bug. When hovering over a message, and onto the message interaction toolbar, then clicking the emoji button - the emoji overlay will remain onscreen even after clicking the reply, or ellipses buttons - however, clicking outside the toolbar does cause the emoji window to subside.

Here is a clip of the behaviour, and as we can see, the ellipses overlay is hidden behind the emoji overlay.

CleanShot 2022-01-07 at 07.17.32


thanks for adding the hide chats X buttons. a couple of points of feedback:

  1. the X buttons don’t appear at all on mobile (because they are hidden until you hover?), so you can’t leave personal chats on mobile currently
  2. can’t currently add a new personal chat - this error occurs, both on desktop and mobile

This is a compromise for now, in a few months we will implement a swipe action on mobile to leave

Can you rebuild and try again ?


Hello, it works very well for me, only that on cell phones I do not see an option to close the chat.


+1 to the question of performance requirements.
I’m currently running a small droplet that’s consistently resource constrained. (yes I know I should upgrade to a bigger droplet :wink:)

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rarely. about 19 times out of 20 attempts to rebuild, one of the 50 git commands during the rebuild hangs forever. very odd. didn’t start happening until a few weeks ago.