Invite box is missing - what might disable it?

On a discourse I manage, I can’t find the Invite box. I upgraded fully today, no change.

Here are two related screenshots… can anyone tell me why two moderators on the forum can’t invite people? (We don’t want anyone else to be able to invite people)



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SSO disables it. (more characters)

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Thanks @cpradio

I have “enable local” checked, and don’t use SSO.

what is your default invitee trust level set at (in settings)?

it’s set to 1, here’s a screenshot of my admin settings after searching for “trust”

What is your max invites per day set to?

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It had been set to 0 (there was a related topic about two weeks ago) now it’s at 10.

Yep, 0 disables it now, so 10 should hopefully enable the button (you may need to perform a hard refresh)

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Sorry… now as in - before I posted.

I just upgraded again (3 new commits) so the whole site could get a fresh restart.

Maybe that setting wasn’t taking place live, because I didn’t change anything in our admin settings since I started the post (but hadn’t restarted since changing that from 0 to 10