Invite button alt-tag text not updated

A rather small bug, but which had me confused for some time and could do the same for new users.

On sites using SSO that do not allow local email sign-ups, I believe that the Discourse system stops users from being able to send topic invites via email, only allowing members to tag other existing members by username

However, the alt-tag for the button continues to say:
“invite others to this topic via email or notifications”

Is it possible to update this tag at the same time the site sets whether email invitations are allowed?

(As you can see, emails are not allowed in this instance)

Sounds like a good suggestion.

If you don’t want to wait for someone else to do that, all text is editable, so you can do a search for ‘invite others to this topic’ in customize to find that text and change it according to your whims!

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yup, done - thanks!

However, it is a small additional customisation that should probably happen automatically when you switch between (so it does not get forgotten) - though no idea how often sites switch between allowing and not allowing local registration :wink:

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