Invite flow for social logins

I’m trying to minimize friction for users joining my forum. These users are migrating from Facebook.

Unfortunately the Discourse invite system appears to ask for password and doesn’t present an option for a social login at the point of accepting the invite.

I’m aware that the password is marked as (optional), but I don’t think everyone will notice this and hence they will perhaps will be put off.

Also if they don’t put in a password what is the flow that get’s them to the point they can associate a social media login? I think unless this is upfront the users will perceive the site as one that needs “Yet Another Password”

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Maybe turn off local logins? I’m not sure about the invite flow, can’t the click the Facebook login, or you’re saying that on account creation it asks for password?

You could customize the language to say something that makes it clearer that your can skip it.

Invite flow account creation does not display a facebook login - only asks for usersname + (optional) password.

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I just tried this out. If a user accepts an invitation and does not enter a password when accepting the invite, they can log out of the site, then log back in through a social login provider. I tested this with Facebook login.

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You have a few options here

  1. Hide that field via CSS overrides on your site so users don’t have any opportunity to enter a password

  2. Educate your users that they don’t need to enter a password, either just in time (by using CSS rules to add text on that invite accept page), or by modifying the invite email text in Admin, Customize, Text.