Invite on the profile page only?

Continuing the discussion from How do I send people invites?:

Is there a reason not to add the ability to invite to the Admin page also?

I bet Jeff would say: “Is there a reason to do add it there?”

Sure there is - it’s where admins go to manage membership.

The question becomes - where do we go to manage invites once created…

I think it would be awesome to have a local global search google style… But for that we do have google already, and enough content around to find any info you may need. You don’t find something where you think it should be? Just google.

As for the invites location, I guess it stays under user profile rather than admin to enforce invitation responsibility. You invite your own invites, and no one else cares. I actually like it this way.

You can find them at /my/invited as @riking told me by editing the original post there (thanks dude!).