Inviting someone to a message counts as a reply, when it shouldn’t

Part of [Paid] Meta-request for ticketing system related improvements.

When inviting a user or a group to a message, that invitation counts as one reply in the group mailbox. Since an invitation is not a reply, it should’t count. For instance, whispers or assigning a message to someone doesn’t count as replies (correctly).

This problem is very relevant in the context of using Discourse as a ticketing system. Messages received with zero replies have top priority from the group. The fact that a message appears as replied (because of an invitation, not a real reply) might cause that it is not addressed on time, because the attention will keep going to other messages without replies.


I kind of feel this is bug in core, and should not be a paid special feature.

@dan can you investigate what is up here?


Thank you for investigating this problem. For now, I have removed the [paid] tag and I have moved this topic to #bug.

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FTR, this is being worked on in


I just tested this bug against the latest release (2.3.0.beta5) and it seems to be resolved. Thank you very much!