[Paid] Meta-request for ticketing system related improvements

The Wikimedia Foundation is considering using Discourse as a ticketing system for some of the email addresses we offer to our communities and to the public. We are testing the setup where different email addresses point to different groups. After weeks of testing, we have identified a list of problems that we basically consider blockers for our migration:

Budget and deadline: reasonable.

Please contact me privately for project or budget related details, and to submit your offer. Technical questions or comments about the requests themselves are better published in each topic.

If possible, we would prefer to work with a single company, professional, or point of contact (setting up six contracts with six new providers could bring us a lot of overhead).


Hey there, Quim! You’ve got a lot here to work through. We do a lot of this sort of thing at ProCourse. If you want, hit me up at hello@procourse.co and we can schedule some time this week to talk through it all.



Funding for these features has been approved, and we are in conversations with a Discourse developer to implement them.

The Discourse team seems to consider these requests as bugs to be fixed. Looking forward, and thank you. :slight_smile: I will remove the [paid] label.


Just a note to say that the four [Paid] tasks have been commissioned and the work will start in April.


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