Inviting the entire community to a particular topic?

How do you invite the entire community to a topic? Is there a group invite.

I noticed that you have to tag people individually for the invitation process.

Any advice?

That’s pretty much what pinning a topic globally does.


So would members get a direct invite in their email to come back to the main conversation?

No, pinning a topic will display that topic at the top of the site. That means, anyone visiting the site, will see that topic at the first glance.

So my question is, how do I invite the members as a whole group to a particular thread. So it will come through their email notifying them of the tag?

In the version of discourse we have, it seems that I can only do this one person at a time.

Apologize my ignorance, I am relatively new with the functionalities.

You can mention the automatic group trust_level_0 (basically all your users) in the first post or any other posts in that topic and ask them to join the discussion.

All the users online on your site will receive a notification, all the users offline will receive a mail.

If you use this method controls the group settings and sets the mentions to admins and moderators.


So I have created groups and I am trying to tag using the @mention function. However, no one is getting an email notification about the tag. Is there something i need to turn on or off?