Is there a broadcast function?

I’d love to use an @ mention of something like @everyone to broadcast to my entire discourse community. Does this exist or is there another way to do it?

If you go to, you can set the trust_level_n groups to be able to be used as aliases by Admins and moderators, then use those in your posts to expand to everybody.

The @everyone group is ‘special’ and doesn’t have an actual member list, so you can’t do this to it.

You should also consider the possibility of putting a banner in - this will only be visible to the people who actually come back to your forum.

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For what purpose? What message are you sending that needs to be broadcast in this way.

Why isn’t posting a topic and pinning it sufficient?

It IS sufficient! Didn’t know I could do that! :smiley:

Thanks, Jeff!


One reason: sometimes we want the information to go TO our users, vs waiting for them to come get it.

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To use a lighthearted example: I’m going to be at ice cream store X in 20 minutes. Anybody who joins me: I’m treating.

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@codinghorror Now I’m starting to realize I need this capability. Every member in my Discourse community is posting across all the categories. Having to write a copy of the same post for every category (and pin it at the top) doesn’t make any sense.

But maybe I’m missing something? Still loving Discourse nonetheless!

You have a global_notice site setting you can use … if you must.

Just pin a topic with no category, this pins a topic site wide. This is something that will be made clear in newer UI revisions @sam is working on next week.

Ancient topic, but worth mentioning in case someone finds it, these days you can make groups mentionable and @mention groups.