Is there an easy way to mass notify?

I’m making a significant change to one of my Discourse forums and would like to one-time email the users who have posted, about 50. I globally pinned an announcement but I’m not sure everyone is emailed with a notification of it, are they?

I tried mentioning the users by name with @ in the post but that part is immediately deleted, I’m guessing from hitting a spam protection threshold, which is awesome but I hoped my admin account would be exempt.

Any good way to accomplish what I want? Just having a globally pinned topic isn’t sufficient in this case unless they’re each informed via email. I’m not sure if the digest gets to everyone or…?

Go to Admin, Users, click the export button. Use that CSV list to feed into a mass mailing service.


Sounds good just wanted to make sure that’s the way to go and I wasn’t missing something. I actually got my list from there. Thanks Jeff!

Another way to do it is to send everyone a private message.
In the input box “add a user”, input trust_level_0. Then all users will be added into the recipient list. It will be a little bit messy in term of editing. But it will work.

Before you send out the message, you have to make sure you can use the group name trust level 0 as a alias.

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I did inserted trust_level_0 in the input field but I am getting an error which says

You must select a valid user.

Am I missing something?

You have to modify the group setting.

I get that, will surely try again

I don’t think this trust level 0 hack is a good idea.

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I agree with you. but there is no easy way to broadcast a message to all users.

That is because there is not supposed to be – that is spamming.


This is really an inefficient way to notify everyone. Should be built into the platform.

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We plan to beef up group mentions and that would be a very efficient and simple way of notifying a group.


Any news about this ?

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You tried the given solution but it didn’t work for you?

I’m looking for an integrated solution… sorry :frowning:

IMHO if you want an “integrated solution” to dispense information for all of your members to see the best thing to do is to make a topic with the information, then either Banner / Global Pin / Pin it,

It’s not spamming if you have people who are willingly participating in your forum for a specific purpose. And i must say I find your totaly unwillingness to listen to your clients who are paying for this platform to be less than optimal.

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This is the solution:

We are strongly considering adding mass mailing support as a feature for the enterprise hosting tier. If you’d like to upgrade to that tier let us know.


Can your team come up with a plugin that can auto-sync this list with lists on mailchimp, mailerlite, madmimim etc? I won’t mind even if it a paid plugin.