Is it possible to allow only a certain # of topics from a category onto the Latest page?

Hello on my community there are many members who keep journals. The journals are updated frequently and as the number of journals has grown they have come to dominate the Latest page crowding out the other threads.

So I’m wondering if it’s possible at all to limit the topics that show up to a set number, lets say 5, and then have it run on a queue of the 5 most recently updated threads showing up on the homepage.

Jeff Bezos

Shouldn’t you be busy running Amazon?


Didn’t you know? He doesn’t wake up to an alarm and schedules very few meetings. I’d say he has some time for a hobby such as managing a discourse forum.

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Response time in less than a few minutes?

You should be running our customer service division…


I take breaks to spin around in my office chair just like everyone else.

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