Filtering home page result


I start to have many posts (more than 200). They all appear on the main page with a very long vertical scroll bar.

Is there an option to filter and for example only display the 50 latest posts on the home page of a site ?


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It might help to know what problem you want to solve. One possible reason for wanting fewer topics is that it can be overwhelming to new users. In that case, you might try using a variant of the Category page as the default. To do that, adjust the order of the top menu setting so that “categories” are up top:

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 12.42.32 PM

Then you can experiment with the desktop category page style setting. “Categories and Latest Topics” works pretty well, in my experience.

The advantage for new users is that the list of categories helps people get an idea of what’s on topic and the latest topic section shows a sample of what’s currently being discussed.


Thanks a lot Jon for your answer.