Is it possible to ban a user for a period of time?

is it possible to ban a user for a period of time and send him an automatic notification e.g :
You are banned for n days , because you broke rule #1 , you can steel watch but can't write answers or questions

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uh, pretty sure this already happens when you silence / suspend someone. we do this all the time.


Technically all suspensions are for “n” days. Of course unless you’re Andrew Martin a suspension of 99999 days is the same as a permanent ban, (There’s also the options of Deleting or Anonymizing accounts)

A suspended account can not log in. so if the forum is login required they will not be able to still read.

If the forum is login required and being able to read but not create topics or post replies is desired you can Silence (Block) the account. Silenced accounts do not have timed expiry, but can be easily found in Admins - Users and unblocked manually.