Is it possible to block a category from Upcoming Events?

We’ve been adding our recurring weekly events to display in the Upcoming Events calendar and were hoping to create a template to help with that (rather than just cutting and pasting from a document).

Unfortunately, if we create an event topic as a template, that event actually shows up on the Upcoming Events calendar as well. We could create it without the [/event] or something and add it later but chances are someone will forget.

Is there any way to block a category from displaying on the Upcoming Events calendar, especially a category like Templates?

I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to block a category from displaying events in the Upcoming Events calendar (though the events would only display for people who had permission to see the category, if that’s any help). I’m not sure how a Template of an event would work though? There is a ‘recurring’ option in the event itself if you had a regular weekly meeting, for instance. You can set it up to add a new one each week when the existing one has ended?

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We have the same show each day but with different hosts and topics that we add below the event data so our members can see who’s going to be talking (and about what) and decide if they want to watch it. Right now, I’m cutting and pasting the event data over from a document, changing the dates, then appending the hosts to speed things up. It’s faster than filling in the event form each time. If I can build them as a template, it would be easier to have others do it so I’m not the only one (yes, they can use the document too but I thought templates would be cleaner and keep it all in the platform.)

The problem here is that recurring only creates the next event when the prior is over so it doesn’t give a good weekly or monthly view of what’s coming up. It’s probably fine for events that only happen once a month but for daily events, and to an extent weekly, but it’s nice to have a view of the whole week at a time so we create individual events.

Hi Jennifer. :wave:

Two ideas come to mind, but I don’t know the specifics of the template you are using, so you’ll probably want to experiment with them.

Use a template in a PM

The relevant settings would be:

That single event template would appear on the calendar for you and anyone else on the PM, but would not show for anyone else.

Use Reply Template component

I wonder if you could use Reply Template to produce a reusable template. Here’s an example, with a live demo just after:

[wrap=template key="event-template" action="create" title="New Event"]
## Event Details

[event start="2023-07-07 10:00" end="2023-07-07 14:00" status="public"]

## Description



Event Details

[event start=“2023-07-07 10:00” end=“2023-07-07 14:00” status=“public”]


You could put that in a PM or staff only category and use it to create new topics quickly.