Is it possible to create sub-subcategories?

(Courtney) #1

Is it possible to create subcategories within subcategories? For example, can I have a grandparent category, parent subcategory, and child subcategory? If not, is there any alternative to creating a separate instance for each “grandparent”?

Sub Sub Categories?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, there are only two levels of categories in Discourse.

(Jens) #3

We’ll combine the 2 levels of categories with tags. It’s not just about taxonomy, it’s also about moderation rights.

(Justin Gordon) #4

Will 3 levels of categorization be possible in the future? My site is about 4 sports, then within each sport, I want a category called “Gear”, and then within “Gear” have the different brands.

I could also do a top level category called Gear, and then have the Gear Companies underneath.

Or just have the Gear companies for each sport listed directly under the sport.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

No plans for more than 2 levels of categories. As @jeans noted, adding tags into the mix makes more sense at that point. So use the official tag support built into Discourse.

(Jason May) #6

@codinghorror What would be the technical implications of allowing deeper nesting of categories? I don’t have a specific requirement in mind, just curious. I can see UI concerns, but the data model looks like it could handle chains of parents.

(Peter Krauss) #10

Here a typical case where we need to configure Discourse with 3 levels,
Local Groups - Open Knowledge Forums

the local-groups are in fact the “level zero”, in some cases we also change language (!), as at local-groups/okbr. The main topics are at this level-2, it is ok, but…

The level-3 is important to isolate very distinct topics and/or communities:

  • to isolate official topics. Example: today we use the “official” tag as here, but we need to isolate as local-groups/okbr/oficial,

  • to isolate projects, because they have independent communities and very specific topics. Example: this project was losted in an external category, openspending/gastos-abertos, we need an intersection between openspending and local-groups/okbr and we understand that the second is the priority, so need category local-groups/okbr/prj-gastos-abertos that is a typical “local group project” category.