Is it possible to make tags mandatory?

I’ve implemented some tag groups as described here

I’d like to have the Brand and Model tags mandetory, is this possible?

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Yes. See tag groups and category settings and associated topics.


Ah, I see. But…
I want to make the tag ‘Brand’ mandetory. If someone chooses ‘Audi’ as brand, then the tag ‘Audi-models’ should be mandetory. If he chooses ‘Volkswagen’ as brand, then the tag ‘Volkswagen-models’ should be mandetory.

Can this also be done?

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I believe so. Did you look at A comprehensive guide to Discourse tags


Yes i did, but there’s nothing there about the question i have

You’re looking for parent-child tag relationships. Information on setting that up is in Tags: category restrictions, tag groups, relationships (which is linked to from the topic Jay shared. In fact, car make/model is the example used!


Thanks @jomaxro ,
I did create parent-child relationships, but still this doesn’t work for me.
Quote myself:
" If someone chooses ‘Audi’ as brand, then the tag ‘Audi-models’ should be mandetory. If he chooses ‘Volkswagen’ as brand, then the tag ‘Volkswagen-models’ should be mandetory."
As far as I can see this is not possible. I can make Brand mandetory en set the minimum of tags required to 2. In that case the first tag they can only choose a Brand, because that’s the parent. As the second tag they can choose an Audi model, but also another brand! So they can choose two brands instead of the mandetory Brand+Model

Is there a way to solve this?

Did you check off the “Limit one tag per topic from this group” for the brand tag group? That will handle your use case of only allowing a single brand.


I might be missing something on mandatory tagging - but my assumption was that when I have 1 mandatory tag from a tag group (which in my case has currently one tag in it only) then on writing a new post, the tag would either be applied automatically (didn’t happen) or savong the post without tagging with the mandatory tag would not be possible (the post could be saved, no tags applied).

Am I doing something wrong?

Those tag rules don’t apply to admins, which I sometimes find annoying.


Uh, thank you - I have to try with a regular member then. If that’s the solution, then it’s bearable, but annoying, I agree :wink:
If anything, it should be an active override…

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