Is it possible to make the *default category view* 'none' for subcategories?

I’m talking about when a category is clicked on via the hamburger menu, the /categories page, or via automatically generated link.

Currently you get:
I want it to be:

I find I my users are confused about what other people can see when they are using a category with broad access and a sub-category with more private access (which is the model I’m using a lot). They assume that because they can see the subcategory posts in the category then so can everyone else. And it is hard to educate them out of this.

The categories have locks on the right? You might also be able to do something else with CSS to make it clearer? Or pin a category level topic?

Locks on the left, yes - both categories and subcategories. Categories limit access to a broad sector, subcategories to a sub-sector. So no good there.

Good education option, but I’m after a UX fix first if possible.

We have a feature assigned to @vinothkannans

In a top category page, show only its own topics below subcategories

This has passed the rule of 3 in the last month, it pops up a lot.

We will get to it.


Delighted to see that this has been implemented! Good work, @vinothkannans!

When playing with it, I have the same issue noted here (can’t reply there as auto-closed)

The url looks good, but the subcategory posts are still visible unless the page is refreshed. Please let us know when you have fixed it.


This seems fixed now - all good!

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