Is it possible to reply to a message from an existing message? Let me explain

I was writing a message on a topic. I was implicitly replying to the last message but I didn’t used the “reply to message” option.

When I posted my message, I noticed that someone else posted several messages between my message and the message I was implicitly replying to.

Is it possible to add an explicit “reply to” on my message by editing it?

I believe if you edit in a quote (even temporarily) to your message it makes the link.

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If you mean this message: Open new tab from the category selector?

You can see that it’s clear that you are referring to codinghorror’s message.

Hi, Michael Brown’s reply was the solution.
Is it possible to break this reply-to afterwards?

On the message you screenshot Jay, I explicitely replied to Jeff (and I started to write after the previous message from The BestPessimist was posted) so I didn’t have this issue.

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Last I was aware (a few months), not from the UI.


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