There is no longer the ability to directly pm someone when replying to a topic. Can I re-enable?

Don’t see if mentioned in search, but I noticed there is no longer a menu option to reply via private message.

Unsure of what changed, but would like to re-enable this functionality if possible.



It was a removed a while ago, there’s some discussion in this topic.


I too would like this to be returned. I sometimes used it to PM users about their posts.


I’ve just re-read the topic linked to above. The topic was closed so clearly this isn’t going to change. A partial solution is here: Strange behaviour when creating new Topic from linked Post - #34 by sam

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hello everyone,

i will dearly miss the possibility to directly reply in am PM with a quote.

i am using discourse heavily in a number of university online courses with up to 150 persons - here the students do their written assignments and i use the option for a PM in order to give individual feedback to the students (in addition to public feedback within the topic)

hope to see this feature back : )

All these use cases are covered by the Message button in users cards.

If you wanted to send a PM to a user, with a quote to something they said in a public topic:

In the post that contains the text you want to quote, click on the user’s username, and then click on the Message button:

The composer for the PM will open in the public topic, so you can highlight the text to quote as you would normally:


ohh, that’s great. thanks a lot for the help


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