Reply without bumping topic

(Gerhard Schlager) #1

As a staff member you sometimes have the need to post a reply without bumping the topic to the top of the list. And now you can do exactly that.

There’s a new “Toggle topic bump” in the composer’s reply selector.


An anchor will appear at the top of the composer when bumping is disabled.


Another new feature is the “Reset Bump Date” action in topic wrench menu.
It changes the topic’s bump date to the date of the last visible post in the topic.

That’s quite useful when the last post has been deleted, since deleting a post doesn’t reset the topic’s bump date. Or, you replied with the new “no bump” option and changed your mind…


No-bump for admin edits on first and only post in a topic
(Jeff Atwood) #3

Can we change this so the anchor is used instead? I’d prefer not to have to localize that.

(Chris Beach) #4

Very welcome feature. I will use this on a regular basis :+1:

(Ben Leong) #5

This is great. We frequently have spammers resurrect old threads, get deleted, and leave the threads bumped to the top of the page.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

That’s usually a good reminder; it means you need to deal with the topic, as it is a frequent target. If a topic gets a lot of spam I suggest closing it.


Editing the last post and then Reseting Bump Date does not prevent it from going into the mail queue. But it should.