Is it possible to send a group invite link valid for infinite amount of users?

(Dorukhan Akkaya) #1

I want to share a link to existing groups to join their clones on my community.

For example there’s this ‘co-workers of accounting department’ group in whatsapp.
I created the same group in discourse.
I want to share a single url to this whatsapp group so that anyone in the whatsapp group (anyone that has access to this link) can signup to the community & join this group via a single url.

Is that possible? I couldn’t manage to find it in discourse, maybe there is. Or is there any plugin for this?
I found a plugin generating multiple tokens but still it requires to send as many urls as users. (GitHub - discourse/discourse-invite-tokens)

Thank you.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

This is a frequent request. A plugin that would allow such a URL to be generated is a great idea (perhaps with a time limit and/or interface to delete them). If you’ve got a budget I’d encourage you to post in #marketplace.

(Dorukhan Akkaya) #3

I will if I can. Thanks for the info.