Multiple use invites to existing users


I have two questions please!

What if I wanted an indefinite number of uses because it’s on a site that will continue to accept users?

If a user clicks on the link but is already a member will they still be added to a group that was mentioned in the invite link? If not how can I create a link that will add members to a group (& perhaps after being added they arrive at a topic)?

Please let me know if I should create a new topic for this. Thank you so much! (:


No need to mention Simon or any other team member, so I edited that bit out sorry!

See Multiple Use Invite Links - feature / announcements - Discourse Meta

Hmmm… This sounds like an interesting use case. Can you try it with some test accounts to see what would happen? We’d appreciate the assistance @gassim :slight_smile:


Thanks it’s okay!

It doesn’t answer my question, I actually want to use the invite link that has the (add to group and arrive at topic) but I don’t want to limit the ‘max uses’. Thanks!

Thanks! I will need to check then but then the post will be deleted here so should I create a new topic for it?

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I’d say try the feature first before doubting it. The invite system has an accompanying site setting that controls max uses, so you can set the max uses to what you want ;). See invite link max redemptions limit.

Oh, I mean check it for your use-case and whether it works for you. As a tip/hint, it is a feature we added recently.


Thanks! The thing is I don’t want a limit. I want the invitation link to be unlimited redemptions

Yes, the user will be added to the group which is excellent. :white_check_mark:

*Keep in mind please that the ‘Multiple Use Invite Links’ you shared above, doesn’t have the feature to add users to a group and like I mentioned about has a ‘limit’ (I want unlimited.) Thanks!

However, the issue that came up is that the ‘arrive at topic’ feature will not take the user to that page after they signup for the first time. It only sends them an invitation to the topic post as a notification which is not the desired result. Instead, it was expected that after signup process (activation and logging in for the first time) using the invitation link that they will be redirected to the ‘arrive at topic’ but they aren’t.


You can change that limit to 1,000,000. If that’s too few, I think you would need a plugin.


Okay thanks @pfaffman! I don’t think it’s too few but please do you know if we receive a notification when that limit is reached because then after 1,000,000 uses we’ll have to create a new invitation link. (:

Thank you!


I’ve just tested this on a new sign-up, and it worked for me. I also created a second invite, this time with an auto-group and a new ‘direct to topic’ topic, and purposely ignored the create screen and signed in as an existing user, and that worked too (user landed on the right topic, and was added to group). Can you go through how you’re creating yours?


Thanks @JammyDodger!

It worked for me when I ignore the signup process and log in directly but when I go through the sign up process and activate the email address, it only invites me to the topic instead of redirects me to the topic.

I remember something like that worked for me before but this time when I tried I don’t know why it didn’t work

And @JammyDodger exactly the same steps. Creating an invite link with the settings (add to group and arrive at topic). :sweat_smile:

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If I invite someone to a topic in a category they don’t have permission to see, then they arrive at the homepage instead. Could that be the issue?


Yes, but in this case they are at the same time being added to a group which gives them the permission to see the category…

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I’ve just tried it again:

  • Used Share from bottom of topic to create invite
    • arrive at topic - PrivateTopic
    • add to group - PrivateGroup
  • Save and copy

  • Use invite link in separate browser
  • Sign up new user
  • Activate account
  • Arrive at PrivateTopic

You could check your category permissions and see if they are what they should be?


Thank you so much! I will try again - you proved it to be working! :+1::+1:

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Just a follow up on this - after doing a different test example I’ve found that if you follow an invitation link and then sign up without a password, after setting one through the email prompt you will land on the homepage rather than the ‘arrive at topic’.


I’m not understanding what you mean by “sign up without a password”. How is that possible?


It was from this test earlier:

The password field isn’t ‘required’, so you can sign up without one. And then ignore the prompt email too.


Oh, I see. I also just did a new test and actually find that if you follow an invite link that adds you to a group and sends you to a topic, you get added to the group whether or not you specify a password, but you are still just sent to the forum homepage.

@dan I can’t help but wonder if something has regressed here? I am pretty sure this used to work, when we last worked on this.


Thanks @JammyDodger ! See! It wasn’t working when I tested it :smiley: Thank you for testing again and letting the community know. :pray:

Yeah this one is a bit of a challenge! Instead of redirecting a user, only a notification is being sent which is not really the same option. I hope it gets fixed to do what it says it will do for all cases! Thanks! :smiley:


It seems a few things got jumbled in together here in recent replies to this topic. The invite system is a fairly complex beast, despite our efforts to make it simpler! We have wanted to let it lie for a while and to see how site owners like it and their feedback.

Seems some useful feedback is trickling in here on a few distinct issues. Thanks @gassim for highlighting some issues, and thanks @JammyDodger for doing some testing! It’s always helpful. I’d recommend we discuss them further as needed in separate topics devoted to each issue. I don’t recommend adding more replies here because they will be automatically deleted.

  1. I’m curious to understand why the password is not required when accepting an invitation. This introduces a bunch of required UI that just makes things more complicated. There is a topic on this issue here: Invites account creation screen shows password as "optional"

  2. In my own testing, I see that the “invite to topic” flow does not seem to be working as designed any more - maybe there was a regression. Needs more exploration, but it seems that the new user does not land in the topic but on the homepage, after creating their new account and confirming their email address and so on. The user is still correctly added to any groups specified in the invite. I started a new #bug topic: Invite links to topic send user to home page, not to topic.

  3. The topic @osioke linked to about multiple use invite links is outdated, now that we’ve made changes to the invite system. I added a note there to discuss what to do about that topic. This FAQ is the best place to start to get answers about how to use the invite system. The defaults are good, but as Osioke very correctly suggests, site owners can change admin settings to customize it according to their specific needs. If you do that, definitely test it out using test users to make sure you are happy with the changes you make.

  4. The number of times an invite has been redeemed is indicated on the pending invites list. Once the limit is reached, it moves to the expired tab. So you’ll want to keep an eye on that list.

  5. @gassim can you explain why you have set up your site to be invite only if you want to allow an infinite number of people to join? Why is your site not set up to accept new member signups? What is your use case? Please start a new topic to explain so we can help you better.


Historically we were trying to make it very very easy to join a site, even a site you have no intention of ever coming back to. Why set a password when you’re only ever going to be there once? Just use email aka “forgot password” to “log in” again later… and you never have to set a password, ever.