Is it possible to show Pending replies (after requiring moderator approval) and mark them as pending?

I was wondering if it’s possible to have a column (or any other way) to have replies that aren’t approved yet by a moderator or an admin, but mark them as pending so that other members could tell it’s not yet seen by a moderator.

pretty much like what the A.V Club have in their comments section under their articles.

I believe @eviltrout very recently made it so pending posts show in the topic but only for staff?


Actually the way it works is staff members see a count of pending posts at the bottom of a topic with a link to review them. Something like: “There are X pending posts in this topic.”

Of course they also see them in the site header.

The user who posts the pending post also sees their pending posts at the bottom of the topic, with the option to withdraw them. In this case they see the full contents of the post.

There is no way for other regular users to see the pending content, and I’m pretty sure it should stay that way?