Can I view my own topic that is awaiting moderation?

I’ve run into a situation where I’m not sure what’s going on with a post I wrote in another community, but right when I tried to post it it said it would have to be approved. Since it was an in-depth report of a technical problem, along with a support request, and since nothing appears to be happening there, I’d really like to take what I wrote and post it elsewhere, like on StackExchange, without having to rewrite it. But I don’t know how to view it. Is it possible?


Hello there I have just tested this and you cannot see your topic awaiting moderation. The best thing to do is to message the site moderators to find out what has happened to your topic. In my opinion this behaviour does look very counter-intuitive. However, I don’t know where your topic awaiting moderation could be put so you would see it whilst it is awaiting approval. I dislike trying to come up with a improvement with no solution to go with it though.


It might appear in your data if you do a full export of all your posts via your user page. Bit of a sledge hammer to kill a fly, but…

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Thanks for the interesting idea! The admin eventually got to it, so I don’t need the sledgehammer. Plus, probably easier to rewrite than lift a hammer that big. :slight_smile:

It does feel a bit odd that I cannot view my own post when it’s awaiting moderation. Is that intentional, based on not wanting people to edit posts that are in moderation, perhaps?


Sure – @eviltrout should we add a section on your user page to expose posts awaiting moderation? I can add that to the 2.8 release if it makes sense?


Yes I think that would be a great thing to add. It’s not simple to implement, but very useful to the end user.


This was added to the 2.8 release list! :raised_hands: