Discourse Staff Alias

Discourse Staff Alias

Discourse Staff Alias

Official staff alias plugin for Discourse.

Repo: GitHub - discourse/discourse-staff-alias: Allow staff users to post under an alias

The Discourse staff alias plugin allows you to reply, edit and create posts as an alias user.


  1. Under admin > settings , set the staff alias username for the staff alias plugin and enable the plugin by checking staff alias enabled .
  2. Under the composer’s actions drop down, staff users can choose to create topics or posts as the staff alias user.

Screenshot from 2020-06-29 09-32-07


Great idea for a plugin. I’d like to use this plugin to post as system .

Normally a post is written by staff, then ownership is transferred to system . I realize this alias already exists, but it is trusted by users and staff on our forum. Thanks for any tips or thoughts!

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